Calendar of Events

Our Club hosts 6 major shoots a year along with 6 Scalps and Skins

Upcoming Events - 2017


No Scheduled Events


No Scheduled Events


Sep 9-10

CBH/SAA State Target 900

Pre-Registration Required


Oct 8

Tomahawk 3-D

39 3-D Targets and 3 Paper Targets (42 total) - Two arrows - Marked Yardage

All Styles and Age Groups Welcome


Nov 11

Scalps & Skins "Moonlight Shoot"

Registration is open at 3:30-5:00

Shoot starts at 6pm

24 Unmarked Targets, 1 Arrow per Target

Cost is $15 per shooter or $25 Husband/Wife

Unlimited Light, No Restrictions


Dec 10

Charity 3-D and Toy Donation

42 3-D Targets - One Arrow - Unmarked Yardage

$5.00 plus an unwrapped gift or $15.00

Cubs and PeeWees $5.00 or free with gift.

CBH/SAA Event Calendar

Our Next Event

CBH/SAA State Target 900

September 9-10

Pre-Registration Required